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Which yoga

Yoga is fashionable

Yoga enjoys increasing popularity in western society. And with good reason! Our lifestyle dilutes our attention, blurs our perception and generates stress, which, we know this, has disastrous consequences on our health.

Yet how can one distinguish between all the sorts of yoga?

In postural Yoga, and to cite a few names only, let us mention Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa…

Some kinds of yoga are but sixty years old, or even less ; they usually put a dramatic stress on the gymnastic aspect of yoga, thus truncating it from a large part of its effects.

Some others have a more spiritual ambition and a number of new disciplines named after yoga are appearing on the well-being market. Sometimes because they have been inspired by yoga techniques, sometimes because of spiritual affinities… What they propose may be very interesting but do not actually relate to Yoga and cannot be called Yoga.

Hatha Yoga : the original yoga

The Yoga we propose at Spicy Note

Without going into long explanations, let us simply say that Hatha Yoga, the yoga we practice, is the traditional yoga, the original one, rich with millennia of yogic wisdom.

In the sub-pages of the Yoga page, you will find a few words about the four sorts of Yoga we propose at Spicy Note:

Hatha Yoga (Natha school) and two distinct classes to deepen some aspects of yoga: Yoga Nidra (dream and sleep yoga in deep relaxation) and Nada Yoga (sound and voice yoga). From September 2017 on, we will also propose hatha yoga specifically for pregnant women and new mothers.