Vinyasa Yoga

Some history

Vinyasa Yoga is a modern form of yoga, inspired by Hatha Yoga.

It is Krishnamasharya who lay its foundation last century. BKS Iyengar was a disciple of this method, which surely influenced him defining his own Hatha Yoga method. Pathabi Jois is the other famous disciple, known as the founder of Ashtanga Yoga.

Vinyasa Yoga is in constant evolution.

The flow spirit…

… Or the quest for fluidity.

Based on dynamic  and fluid sequences of postures, this yoga cultivates ease and harmony within the movement.

As in any kind of yoga, breathing is essential. Here, the practitioner changes posture with every new inhale or exhale. Just imagine natural breathing being amplified by and synchronised with a fluid and constant movement.

These features are to be found in Ashtanga as well. The difference with Vinyasa Yoga lies in the fact that sequences are pre-established and eternal with the former whereas they may vary with each new performance with Vinyasa.

The Vinyasa effect

As any yoga, Vinyasa stretches your body and makes it more flexible. It releases tensions and thus represents an efficient way of fighting stress. Besides, they leave you full of dynamism.

Simply synchronizing inhale and exhale with movement may prove a real challenge for some people. Such difficulty corresponds to an inner synchronisation default, which Vinyasa will help overcoming.

Vinyasa Yoga can also be a good introduction to a hatha Yoga class. The body thus warmed up and made more flexible, the breath being opened and stimulated, one can easily switch to a calmer and more concentrated phase. This is why common projects are on their way between the teachers.

The classes

Laura-Kate’s weekly classes last 1 hour and 15 minutes. They end with a short relaxation.

Whenever she is away, Damien replaces her.

Classes are taught in English.

Our teachers : Laura-Kate and Damien

If Laura favors a rhythmical flow, Damien proposes a slower Vinyasa, closer to Hatha Yoga. His style is sometimes called ViniHatha or Hatha Vinyasa.

They both appear in the Start Up Yoga and Rainbow Yoga programmes.

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