The Yoga effect

Yoga is effective on the physical and mental levels

Yoga is excellent for the body, but it cannot be restricted to that. Yoga means “union”. Practicing yoga enables the union between the various layers of the being, for it is here globally approached: body, emotions, mind and energy. Yoga acts on all those levels.

It stretches, drains and tones the body.

It allows better functioning of the different systems: digestive, breathing, endocrinal…

It purifies all the fluids in the body.

It gives you energy.

It makes you stronger and more resistant.

It brings calm, serenity, joy and well-being.

It gives perspective and presence.

It strengthens mental stability, develops concentration, courage, will and intuitive intelligence .

Effects are notable from the very first classes and develop with practice and time.

Therefore, what we propose with Hatha Yoga cannot be related to gymnastics. It is tantric yoga, which engages all the forces in our body and mind. It is the union of conscience and energy (the mythical couple Shiva and Shakti) that cements all the parts of the human being into a coherent whole and also provides union between the inside and the outside worlds, between man and the cosmos.

It is an exciting programme, combining discipline with flavour and the sense of magic. Regular practice may be demanding, but tantric yoga aims at freeing you from the constraint of socio-cultural conditioning, and leading the practitioner to the essence of life, experimented from the inside. A whole new space opens, where one discovers the many capacities of our psyche.