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Pre and post birth Yoga

Pre and post birth yoga classes


Femme enceinte

Painting by Claudia Tremblay


From september 2017 on, Spicy Note will provide classes for mothers-to-be and new mothers.


Two distinct classes (pre and post birth) are proposed. The schedule will soon be published.


The pose and breathing aspects are based on the “de Gasquet method”. Both a physician and a yoga teacher, Bernadette de Gasquet is well-known as a pioneer in the field of pre and post birth yoga.


The class will be completed by sound yoga and Nidra relaxation….



Pre-birth yoga classes : pregnancy companionship and real well-being


You will be taught :


  • How to breathe better
  • How to become fully aware of your body
  • How to move in your daily life to avoid trouble and pain
  • How to relieve discomfort and troubles, linked to blood ans lympha circulation, digestion or sleep


Post birth yoga classes : Mother and child

Counseling and exercising…

  • Become fit and full of energy again
  • Help the natural after birth body draining
  • Recover your muscles tonicity
  • Find the good poses for breast feeding

Please leave a comment and tell me about the ideal time for you (just below) !