Nada Yoga, sound and voice Yoga

Harmony, balance, plenitude, creativity

Nada Yoga is a less known facet of Yoga. Yet it really deserves our interest. According to Yoga, sound originated the creation of the universe, which shows how potent it is! The vibratory nature of sound enables us to reconnect with the essence. By purifying the energetic body, sound harmonizes the various parts of the being and relates it to the universe. Balance, harmony and a deep feeling of plenitude. These are the kept promises of Nada Yoga.

Voice as a meditation tool

Nada Yoga, also called sound Yoga, proposes a tactile approach of sound (both from inside and outside) and an application through the voice

It is a meditative vocal practice that invites us to explore our resonances, thus relating us to our deeper being. The authentic voice that comes out naturally relates to the universe. Unity can then be achieved.

Voice as a reflection of our state

There is an interactive relationship between the voice and the various bodies : physical, emotional and mental. Our emotional state impacts our voice. It can choke in case of a shock, become high-pitched if we feel stressed, but it is full and steady when we feel perfectly well. Reversely, acting on our voice, setting it free, being present to its resonances in the body is bound to have a very deep effect on the way we feel and act.


Facets of Nada Yoga

Sound Yoga has several facets:

Silent facet

Silent concentrations on the very perception of sound, be it external or internal.

(Also read the page dedicated to “sonotherapy”)

Vocal facet

Singing vowels in the energy centers (chakras)

Exploration of the various resonators and development of the harmonies in the voice

Sound wave traveling through the body

Harmonic singing and harmonic blooming

Mantra singing

Using specific sounds for specific purposes

Musical facet

Relation between the chakras and the Bhairav scale (sacred scale)

Spontaneous singing, both intuitive and creative. Music flows through our voice and we become the channel through which it can be expressed.

While classes focus on voice yoga, workshops offer an exploration of all these facets.



They are many.

Sound Yoga raises the vibratory level

It cleans the resonators on a physical level and purifies the energetic structure

It centers and roots

It brings about a sensation of calm and fulfilment

It helps taking events and emotions with serenity

It unties and liberates the voice, thus providing a good warming up for singers

It develops creativity

Regular practice gives peace of mind and the capacity to see things from a distance


There is persistent belief that if a voice is labelled “ugly” by other people or by ourselves, then singing or voice Yoga is not for us. This belief is wrong. First, the whole purpose of it all is not to show our beautiful voice, but to reach better being and better knowledge  of ourselves. Besides, Nada Yoga considerably improves your voice timber. It gradually becomes steady, full and harmonious.