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Hatha Yoga

Flexibility, energy, peacefulness, balance

The traditional Yoga

Hatha yoga is the traditional yoga. It has kept all its original richness.

It is much more powerful than we can imagine, as it generates very deep changes on all levels: physical, energetic and mental, including the emotional level. Not only does it make the body flexible and tonic, but it also brings comfort, agility, well-being, health and vitality. On the mental level, it generates peacefulness, stability and strength.

It consists of a harmonious combination of various techniques:

Poses (Asana)

Precise gestures (Mudra)

Breathing (Prânâyâma)

Concentration (Dharana)

Meditation (Dhyana)

Relaxation and Yoga Nidra


Hatha Yoga and Natha Yoga

We teach Natha Yoga, an authentic and very powerful style of Hatha Yoga. Given its long history, Hatha Yoga has known many masters and schools. As a consequence, it can be divided into several branches. Natha Yoga is the oldest known.

This school holds its teachings from the original Tantra and combines poses, breathing, visualization of the energy, gestures, concentration and meditation. Natha Yoga, with a particular stress on the synchronization of all these elements. It is this extreme concentration during practice that develops cogency and oneness in the individual. The whole point is to gather and unify all our different parts into a coherent whole, which is the ultimate point of Yoga (yoga means union).

To make it short, we can say that Natha Yoga, through its extremely concentrated form, is particularly interesting because, due to all the specificities we have just exposed, it induces very rapid effects on all levels. This remarkable efficiency gives results from the very first sessions.


Yoga practice at “La Note Epicée”

It is necessary to practice at least once a week to settle the yoga effect firmly in the body and mind.

All our classes are two-hour long.

If you wish to get the best of your practice, see our offers for unlimited access to yoga classes (called “Yoga Passion” and “Yachtie Yoga Pass”).


Hatha Yoga classes

5 two-hour classes a week, from Monday to Friday

Relaxation and Yoga Nidra

1 one-hour class every week. Yoga Nidra is also proposed in every workshop and, to a lesser extent, at the end of every regular class.


Regular half-day and full-day workshops are scheduled at “La Note Epicée”


We offer a two-week course in India every year.

Another one-week is also on the make for summer 2018. It will take place in the green mountains of Ardèche.